Medication Trays / Blister Packs

We can supply medication in blister packs for certain patients at the doctors request. These trays have are organised by time and day to help patients remember to take their medication. We usually supply these by a weekly delivery and we can deliver other items at the same time if needed. 

We have a dedicated member of staff for these types of prescriptions to ensure that everything works without an hassle for the patient. For more information call and speak to a member of staff.

These are not suitable for all medicines or for all patients. They are strictly at the doctors request as the doctors have to issue specific prescriptions for them.

They are not suitable for patients who are given their medication by a paid carer – in these cases we can supply an Medication Administration Record (MAR chart) instead. However this is up to the GP, and they may allow exceptions.

This service is currently funded in our pharmacy through your GP. They supply us with weekly prescriptions in order to fund our service. Unfortunately as a small independent pharmacy we cannot make up these trays without funding and so if your GP does not think you need a tray and will not fund it then we would have to charge a fee to cover our costs.